BK-Services GmbH
supplies this range
of equipment:

  • Turn Key Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and Ladle Metallurgy Furnace (LMF) Projects including MMI Levels 1, 1.5 and 2
  • Turn Key Foundry Casting Furnace Projects
  • Furnace revamps and On-Site modifications
  • Copper Current Conducting Electrode Arms – CCEA’s
  • Burner & Lance Oxygen Technology Systems including Valve Stands
  • Steel Ladles, Scrap Buckets, Transfer Cars
  • Furnace Hydraulic cylinders and Hydraulic Systems
  • Temperature and Sampling Lances, Wire Feeders
  • Manufacturing of spares for all areas of Steel Plant and Continuous Caster
  • Components are being manufactured in our own Top-of-Line machine centers

BK-Services GmbH
is a world-wide supplier of steel plant equipment
to most productive customers. Kautz Vorrichtungsbau
and BK-Services have joined forces, streamlined
production and substantially increased turnaroundtimes.
Part of the group is one of the largest Machine
Centers in southern Germany.

Intecs - BK-Services GmbH

BK Services GmbH & Kautz Group – One of the most experienced and innovative suppliers in the Steel Industry with superior knowledge in all areas of development & design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning as well as on site troubleshooting.

The very first set of copper current conducting electrode arms (CCEA’s) was mechanically and electrically developed by our engineers. They were later responsible involved in the completion of over 200 sets of CCEA’s. Over the years numerous EAF and LMF (LF) turnkey furnace projects were implemented. (please see our download page)

We offer fast and committed service and shortest delivery times for all equipment in and around your steel works.

Over the past 25 Years we were
able to maintain successfully some
of the lowest prices on the market.