Product range:

  • High and low voltage wound rotor motors with slip ring
  • Induction motors with Squirrel Cage
  • DC motors up to 3000 kW
  • Motors for explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
  • Medium and Low voltage frequency converters VFD
  • Design & Manufacturing of special, tailor-made drives
  • Duplicate machines for existing drives
  • Liquid Starters / Rheostat, Soft Starters & Transformers
  • Site Service, Installation and Commissioning
  • Training and Seminars
  • Production Audits in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ATEX, SCC**, IECEx and AEO

Helmke Orbis GmbH is an experienced, highly estimated and innovative Partner in providing high-quality Motor and Drive Systems for world-wide industrial needs.

Intecs - HELMKE Orbis GmbH

HELMKEā€™s 24-hour delivery program is unique in the world and offers brand-new Helmke DC Motors and High, Medium and Low Voltage AC Induction Motors in a power range from 1 kW to 20.000 kW. All Motors are available in various designs, cooling methods and types of protection (EExn, EExd, EExe, EExp).

Besides Electrical Machines, we are also a competent partner for high-quality HELMKE Liquid Starters (Rheostat), Soft Starters and Transformers as well as MV and LV Frequency Converters.

In our warehouses in Hannover and Pulversheim you will find about 50.000 low voltage motors and hundreds of medium and high voltage HELMKE motors ready to ship.

We keep ready today, what you need tomorrow!